27-28 sept. 2023
Salon Trendy - Mobilités & énergies
Parc expo Colmar
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CCI Alsace Eurométropole

TRENDY / MobilitIES & EnergieS

The professionals’ exhibition for logistics solutions and alternative mobility

Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 of September 2023,
at Colmar’s Parc Expo

Near 100 exhibitors will come to offer (to propose/to present) their alternative and innovative mobility solutions to Alsatian companies : new vehicles, fleet adaptivity, soft mobility, purchase or production of green energy for mobility, refuelling (or fuelling, bunkering) fleets of vehicles (or vehicle fleets), funding (or financing) the transition to new forms of mobility, regulation’s evolution… 

Genuine showcase of logistics solutions and alternative mobility, the Trendy exhibition (or trade fair) is the inevitable (or indispensable, key, not-to-be-missed, inescapable) meeting place for business executives and communities leaders to find means (or forms or modes) of alternative transportation and progress on the path to energy sobriety and carbon-free economy.

Jean-Luc Heimburger - Président de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Alsace


Jean-Luc Heimburger,
President of the Alsace Eurometropolis Chamber of Commerce and Industry

80% of the chain’s offer of innovative mobility solutions in one place

Energy consumption and logistics and the movement of people’s costs are a major challenge for all : individuals, State and communities (or local authorities), companies. Traction energy consumption for transportation now accounts 32% of France’s total energy consumption and the transportation sector accounts for 29% of our CO2 emissions. 


In the company, after wages and real estate, the costs of managing a fleet of vehicles represent the third item of expenditure. Their control is therefore crucial, espacially since the regulatory and societal context will inevitably lead to a renewal of vehicles on the road. The creation of Low Emission Zones in urban areas with more than 150,000 inhabitants – already underway within the Strasbourg Eurometropolis perimeter – will make a major contribution to this, as will the tightening of the regulation of diesel vehicles. 


Finding alternative modes of transportation is therefore no longer a matter of choice, but rather of emergency. The technological and regulatory developments that are to come should gradually open up new perspectives. Hydrogen, for example, will play an essential role in industrialand heavy mobility sectors, that have no other solutions to decarbonize their activities. In addition to switching from petrol mobility to electric, biogas or hydrogen mobility, i twill also be essential to strengthen the sobriety and soft mobility’s policy and to expand the public transportation offer by investing in infrastructures and networks. 


In the coming months and years, all companies will have to thoroughly (or deeply) rethink their logistics and thei mobility policy. It will also be a strong commitment to their teams in terms of (or regarding to) social responsibility. 


But where to find informations on the evolution of regultions, clean vehicle offers or the adaptation of the existing fleet, energy refuelling, funding the transition to new forms of clean alternative mobility? 


This is the goal of exhbition « TRENDY : Mobilities & Energies », organised by the Alsatian Eurometropolis’ CCI  on 8 and 9 March 2023at the Colmar exhibition center. 80% of the chain’s offer of innovative mobility solutions will be brought together in one place to help business executives and community leaders find the best solutions. 


Whether you’re an exhibitor or a business executive looking for solutions, Trendy will be an opportunity to accelerate your transition to new mobilities.

The Trendy exhibtion « Mobilities & Energies » 2023

A BtoB exhibition

During 2 days : Wednesday, September 27 and Thursday, September 28, 2023 

In Colmar, Alsace

What for?
For the business executives and communities leaders

In order to find solutions : 


Near a hundred of solutions providers distributed over 4 500 m² indoor, in Colmar’s Parc Expo.  

Spaces of demonstration (display, demo…)/test of new vehicles outdoor. 

Trendy Mobilities & Energies 2023

A single place to find informations and meet providers of alternative mobilities’ solutions

Driving towards a new mobility

5 thematic spaces to explore


Innovative vehicles & disruptive mobilityDealers and manufacturers (automobile/car, public transportation, logistics, TP ? …)
Disruptive mobility solutions :
Two wheelers, cargo bikes and electric scooters, drones…
Water (or river, waterway) and rail solutions.
Equipment manufacturers and resellers (trailers, helmets…).

Low mobility

Adaptation and optimisation of vehicles and modes of transport Retrofit and adaptation of vehicles to new energy sources, training in fuel-efficient driving, consumer alert systems, fleet management and tour optimization tools, carpooling solutions…


Private or public refuelling solutionsOn-site refuelling and charging stations (electricity, biofuels, hydrogen, etc.), geolocation and payment solutions on existing refuelling networks, etc.

Green energy

Energy production or purchase for mobility Green or alternative energy offers to power vehicles, on-site electricity generation solutions, enrichment of the company’s energy mix, etc.

Financing/funding and aid

Aid for companies to make their transition Aid from the State, local authorities/communities and transport and energy operators :
Vehicles purchase, investment in charging stations, photovoltaics development, reduction of carbone missions, etc.
Assistance from local authorities/communities to accelerate transitions in the territories (Low Emissions Zones…)

News and regulations

Regulations’ timing and developments/évolutions Mobility Guidance Act, Transportation Tax, Low Emissions Zones, Climate Plans,

emission standards, regulations of use, etc.

Start up / R&D

New solutions, promising projects, inspiring ideas Presentation of start-ups in the field of transport, mobility and energy.

Demo / trials

An exhibition of next-generation vehicles

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